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  1. March/April 2021 NL
    • Photographer Rick Rasmussen. The spring migration through the Platte River Valley is sandhill crane crunch time for Grand Island photographer Rick Rasmussen. Story by Alan J. Bartels. Photographs by Rick Rasmussen.
    • Astronaut Clayton Anderson. Giving up was never an option for Ashland’s space traveler. Story by Alan J. Bartels.
    • Spring Photo Essay. Our state’s most talented photographers zoom in on flowers, baby animals and greening spring landscapes across Nebraska.
    • St. Cecilia Cathedral. Omaha’s faithful gaze up at twin limestone towers pointing to the havens as this architectural wonder looks out over the Big O. Story by Alan J. Bartels.
    • Nebraska Kitchens. The Cornhusker State’s classic Reuben sandwich inspires “Reubenized” recipes in time for St. Patty’s Day.
  2. January/February 2021 NL
    • Greatest Huskers of All Time. Experts agree: deciding the best Nebraska Cornhusker football players of all time is a coin toss. Suit up for our fantasy team roster and then tell us your favorite Cornhusker football heroes. Story by Alan J. Bartels.
    • North Platte Canteen. Hometown Nebraska hospitality rode the rails from North Platte to the foreign fields of World War II. The 10-minute train stops stayed with visiting military men and women the rest of their lives. Story by Sheryl Schmeckpeper.
    • Barns of Nebraska. Photographers capture rural landmarks through lofty images of days gone by.
    • Middle Loup River Tanking. Winter adventures heat up downstream of Mullen during the heart of a Nebraska winter. Story and photographs by Alan J. Bartels.
    • Nebraska Kitchens. Shared family recipes add a pinch of warmth to family gatherings.
  3. November/December 2020 NL
    • Moonrise. The rising moon and setting sun paint Hitchcock County with autumnal hues after Thanksgiving dinner. Story by Nancy Marquette Hashman. Photographs by John Neukirch.
    • Warm Up to Winter. Nebraska’s most talented photographers color Nebraska Life calendars with years’ worth of winter beauty.
    • Antioch: Potash Boomtown. Ancient ruins provide a glimpse into a town and industry that blossomed almost overnight during World War I. Fading memories remain a century later within the Sandhills families who live there. Story by Sheryl Schmeckpeper. Photographs by Alan J. Bartels and Joshua Hardin.
    • Flavors of Court Street. Bakers, brewers and restaurateurs serve flavorful quality of life where Court Street runs through Beatrice. Story and photographs by Alan J. Bartels.
    • International Quilt Museum. Just in time for winter, quilts from around the world join Nebraska’s handcrafted heritage in a one-of-a-kind museum in Lincoln. Story by Nina Buck.
    • Cookie Day. Family traditions rise by the baker’s dozen when the holiday season brings loved ones together in Dakota City. Story by Jennifer Troester.
  4. September/October 2020 NL
    • Junk Jaunt. Relic hunters, hagglers, wheelers, dealers and colorful collectors hit the road in search of rusty gold during Central Nebraska’s 500-mile-long garage sale. One man’s junk is another’s treasure when Nebraskans clean out their attics, closets and barns. Story by Jennifer Troester. Photographs by Darin Epperly.
    • Omaha Fall Foliage. With more than 4 million trees, Nebraska’s largest city lights up with a colorful seasonal kaleidoscope when autumn arrives in Omaha. Story by Alan J. Bartels. Photographs by AJ Dahm.
    • Merrick Strip. Nebraska’s frontier past and a healthy dose of political wrangling combine for a cartographic oddity leaving Merrick County with an eternal thumbs up. Story by James J. Kimble. Photographs by Alan J. Bartels.
    • Tumbleweeds Stand Tall. Adaptable weeds with a knack for survival roll across Nebraska like our state’s hardy pioneers. Story by Nancy Marquette Hashman.
    • State Symbols. Raise a glass of Kool-Aid as we celebrate meadowlarks, mammoths, cottonwoods and the other icons that define our state. Learn how to suggest your own state symbols, too. Story by Alan J. Bartels.
  5. July/August 2020 NL
    • Cattle and the people who raise them are constants on the Nebraska landscape. These herds and herdsmen solidify Nebraska's status as the “Beef State.”Story by Alan J. Bartels.
    • While cowboys are the real deal in Nebraska our state has produced its fair share of silver screen Western actors. Nebraska's Magnificent Seven takes center stage in this issue. Story by Alan J. Bartels
    • Sandhills Journey. Nebraska's 20000-square-mile natural sandbox is a scenic escape for outdoor adventurers looking to get a little sand between their toes. Story by Alan J. Bartels.
    • Once having made a hasty escape from Cozad the Nebraska town named for his father Robert Henri set the art world on its head. Story by Tom Hess.
    • Carefree summer days bloom at Simpler Thymes Flower Farm in Norfolk. Story by Nina Buck.
    • Beef recipes have hungry readers “moo-ving” toward the grill.
  6. May/June 2020 NL
    • North by Northwest. From trout streams and rocky buttes to fossil bonebeds and otherworldly badlands natural wonders abound in Sioux County where summertime 'staycations' begin. Story by Alan J. Bartels.
    • Emery Blagdon's Healing Machines. With little more than wire pliers and a creative mind that his Sandhills neighbors did not understand Emery Blagdon enlightened the art world. Story by Linda Read Deeds.
    • Linda Meigs: Omaha's Keeper of the Mill. With fortitude faith and creativity akin to that of its Mormon pioneer builders a savior emerges to save Omaha's oldest building from the wrecking ball. Story and photographs by Alan J. Bartels.
    • Night of the Twisters. Residents look back to when Grand Island was in the eye of the storm and deadly embrace of seven tornadoes 40 years ago. Story by Sheryl Schmeckpeper.
    • Treasure hunters. The ghost town of Leroy clings to its buried cache of silver and gold. Story and photographs by Alan J. Bartels.
    • Time-saving slow cooker recipes become fast favorites of Nebraska home cooks. Story by Danelle McCollum.
  7. March/April 2020 NL
    • Big game hunter Gary Ginther studied the fire in the eyes of the animals he pursued. Then he transferred that energy to his sculptures.
    • Horsing around: Few human-animal bonds are stronger than the one between people and horses.
    • Morrill Hall's herd of ancient elephants dinosaurs hands-on activities and a high-tech renovation mean educational adventures in the University of Nebraska State Museum.
    • Sandhill cranes: Birds of a feather flock to 8 destinations to observe feathered friends.
    • Nebraska pizza recipes add pizazz to family menus.

  8. November/December 2019 NL
    • Hoarfrost blankets the Nebraska landscape in photos
    • Aviatrix Evelyn Sharp served her nation with honor
    • University of Nebraska at 150
    • Painter Jolene Steffen creates canvases of winter scenes
    • No place like Nebraska for the holidays
  9. September/October 2019 NL
    • Big 'Red' photo essay Zangger Popcorn in North Loup
    • Wild plum recipes and flavor to late summer and autumn
    • Union Orchard's fruit fun and family by the roadside
    • Wayne America
    • 100 years of Scotts Bluff National Monument
  10. July/August 2019 NL
    • 9 favorite stops at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo

    • History's salute at Fort Atkinson (in Fort Calhoun)

    • Greek recipes add historic flavor to summer

    • Schuyler farm family finds that producing produce alongside family produces the best produce of all

    • Nebraska Panhandle Portraits

    • Platte Basin Timelapse
  11. May/June 2019 NL
    • Our Bridges of Nebraska photo essay will remind you of the beauty of these easy to take for granted engineering marvels.

    • Johnny Carson never forgot where he came from and Nebraskans cherish his memory still today.

    • Rhubarb recipes add flavor to summer.

    • Honoring Nebraska’s Scrap Drive heroes of World War II.

    • Grand Island’s Railside district follows the rails to community pride.

    • 9 Nebraska scenic byways lead to much more than scenery.
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  12. March/April 2019 NL
    • Our Nebraska Newborns wildlife photo essay will melt your heart with bundles of feathers and fur.

    • The Transcontinental Railroad’s 150th anniversary reminds us that the first spike was hammered in Omaha.

    • Sandhill cranes and the people who love them flock along the Platte River in March and April.

    • O’Neill the Irish Capital of Nebraska celebrates heritage with traditions old and new.

    • Ice cream sodas and patriotic pride flow from Ramsey Family Fountain in Tecumseh.

    • Dandelions those wonderful weeds are tasty on the dinner plate. Find five delicious dandelion recipes in our Nebraska Kitchens department.
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