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  • County Capitals, Part Two A true testament to the grit and determination of the pioneer spirit, many of Nebraska’s county courthouses stand today to tell the stories and pride of the past. Take a photographic tour across the state in the second installment of Nebraska Life’s County Capitals series. By Alan J. Bartels
  • Haunted Hollow Indian Cave State Park is the perfect place for some spooky seasonal exploring. In this reprint from our archives, hike and bike 22 miles of scenic trails, right alongside a certified ghost town, St. Deroin, with a past as haunting as it is interesting. Did hot-tempered Joseph Deroin deserve to die over a $6 hog? By Alan J. Bartels
  • Sidney’s Unbeatable Spirit The town of Sidney has a storied history filled with dramatic changes, Wild West adventures and a people fighting to preserve the past, while reaching toward the future. Dive deep and venture to Sidney, saying “hello” to local establishments and unique people on the way. By Megan Feeney
  • Humboldt’s Cancer Memorial Garden One family’s loss inspired a garden of hope, reflection and peace. Take a stroll along the cancer-ribbon shaped pathway, enjoy art installations through every turn and stop to smell the roses. By Lauryn Higgins
On Our Cover Bright crimson red and rich honey orange leaves, kept company by fallen acorns, grace the ground at Omaha’s Elmwood Park. They are gifts from towering Oak and mighty Maple trees. PHOTOGRAPH BY AJ DAHM