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  1. March/April 2023 NL
    • Nebraska’s spring colors come to life in a bright and bountiful look at flora and fauna found around the state in our Birds and Blooms photo essay. Bring your binoculars and settle in! Story by Cheyenne Rowe.
    • History isn’t a thing of the past at the Harold Warp Pioneer Village in Minden. This one-of-a-kind museum, brought to life by a one-of-a-kind man, hosts stories illustrated by dedicated volunteers. Story by Tom Hess. Photographs by Alan J. Bartels.
    • Granddaughter of a Ponca chief, Judi gaiashkibos has fought hard to turn adversity into advocacy for the native populations in Nebraska. She’s brought a bright recognition back to the Ponca tribe, remembrance to all Indigenous people and more. Story by Tim Trudell.
    • Lakeland Sod School It was the best of times in the worst of times. Explore the history behind the “only known high school of sod” with this reprint from our archives. Story by Alan J. Bartels.
    • A lot overlooking Big Sandy Lake got an architectural touch by the Bahe family. This grid-based, straight-laced (and lined) Bahe Lake House brought the family together and will stand the test of time. Story by Tom Hess.
    • Ever been in three places at once? Thanks to the Tri-State Marker placed at the junction of Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming, guests to the unassuming obelisk have the Kieler family to thank for preserving this piece of history. Story by Deb Carpenter-Nolting. Photographs by Jessica Rocha.
    • A healthy trio of Quinoa recipes to try at home that are as yummy as their start ingredient is fun to say. Recipes and photos by Danelle McCollum.
  2. January/February 2023 NL
    • We’re starting the new year with a new tradition: The Good Life List. In our first issue of the year, we highlight why we love Nebraska and think it’s a special place. We celebrate kolaches, cranes, dark skies and a “capitol” guy. Story by Megan Feeney.
    • Are we alone, or have extraterrestrials visited the Cornhusker State? In this reprint “UFOs in Nebraska” from our archives, updated with a new sidebar about drone sightings, Nebraskans have encountered strange things. Story by Alan J. Bartels and Lauryn Higgins. Illustrations by Anthony Kuhlmann.
    • In a Cinderella story, the underrated Winnebago girls basketball team went to the state tournament for the first time in three decades. Two seasons later, they’re still taking their shots and winning. Story by Tim Trudell. Photos by Megan Feeney.
    • During World War II, Fort Robinson became the leading K-9 Corps dog training center in the U.S. Dogs learned to attack enemies, alert troops to danger and deliver messages. Now that’s a good pup! Story by Megan Feeney.
    • Winter Reading Roundup Traveling during winter months can be challenging. Still, there’s no need to leave the couch to explore the state with these books featuring Nebraska connections. Story by Megan Feeney.
    • Most people think of spring as a time for renewal, but for photographer Derrald Farnsworth-Livingston subject of our Icy Allure Photo Essay, nothing symbolizes a fresh start like a blanket of crisp white winter snow. He’ll be out there. Story by Megan Feeney. Photographs by Derrald Farnsworth-Livingston.
    • In our Kitchens department, the Chinese Year of the Rabbit hops onto the scene on Jan. 22, 2023. A couple with a popular Omaha restaurant shares their favorite recipes to bless the new year – and taste buds. Photos by Megan Feeney.
  3. November/December 2022 NL
    • Ole’s Big Game Steakhouse & Lounge Rosser “Ole” Herstedt opened a bar shortly after Prohibition ended. He filled it with big game trophies he claimed from his hunting adventures. Today, the bar draws curious customers hungry for Nebraska beef and stories of a long-gone-by era. by Tom Hess.
    • Cornhusker Photo Essay One thing’s for sure: whether the team wins or loses, Husker fans will keep showing up and rooting for a better tomorrow. Go Big Red! Story by Megan Feeney. Photographs by Aaron Beckman and Jeremy Buss.
    • Nebraska Stocking Stuffers. This Christmas season, don’t all the good girls and boys in your life deserve Nebraska gifts from this nice list? From sweet-and-sour elderberry syrup to a tangy cheese dip, these Nebraska goodies will make anyone’s stocking a delicious discovery. Story by Megan Feeney.
    • Silver Anniversary In this final installment of Nebraska Life’s celebration of 25 years in print, we highlight the work of Boys Town, Crane Trust and Orphan Grain Train. Story by Megan Feeney.
    • Stuffing is the quintessential comfort food, and Nebraska Life’s friend, food blogger Danelle McCollum, has it covered … in a casserole dish and heading to a family event.
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  5. September/October 2022 NL
    • What do antique tractor parts, vintage cowboy boots and a wooden duck have in common? They’re all up for grabs at the Wahoo Swap, a treasure hunt for classic car mechanics, fashionistas and DIY home decorators – and vendor fees support a good cause. Story and photographs by Megan Feeney.
    • The beautiful Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway stretches from Grand Island to Alliance. In part one of our two-part story, Nebraska Life photo editor Josh Hardin encounters historical artifacts, scarfs a delicious hot dog and ducks cliff swallows hunting insects over the Middle Loup River. Story and photographs by Josh Hardin.
    • Seven examples of modern Nebraska architecture These inspired buildings provide Nebraskans with places to work, worship, study and play. Story by Tom Hess.
    • As the Beef State, Nebraska has the “turf” portion handled. Now a family-owned McCook shrimp farm is delivering the “surf.” A delicious inland sea adventure in aquaculture awaits. Story and photographs by Alan Bartels.
    • A farm boy from Eustis served four U.S. presidents and became a trailblazer in world trade. Nebraska shaped Clayton Yeutter; then, he carved a new path for American agriculture. Story by Joseph Weber.
    • The festivities continue! As Nebraska Life celebrates its 25th year, we highlight other singular Nebraskan institutions that make us a great state: the Unicameral, public power and Teammates Mentoring Program. Story by Megan Feeney.
    • Nebraska Harvest Time: Gardeners and farmers from across the state toiled through the hottest months. In autumn, they reap bountiful harvests of apples and wheat, corn and peppers. Nebraska photographers document the visual feast. Story by Megan Feeney.
    • Diners prepare for plant power! Peanuts get the main-course treatment with these original recipes by Amber Pankonin, a Lincoln-based registered dietitian and personal chef.
  6. July/August 2022 NL
    • Nebraska Pollinators: Photographers capture bees, beetles and birds pollinating flowers, fruits and vegetables in suburban backyards, wild prairies and forests. Macro photography highlights the hidden textures and details of these essential organisms’ complex world. Story by Megan Feeney.
    • Nebraska Life Turns 25, Hip-hip-hooray! Nebraska Life is celebrating its 25th birthday. We’re proud and want to celebrate by holding up other great Nebraska institutions: Arbor Day Foundation, Nebraska Community Foundation and Natural Resources Districts. Story by Megan Feeney.
    • Commercial fisherman Mike Kelley cruises the Missouri River to find the freshest offerings to fry and plate at his Blair restaurant. He honors a tradition handed down from his father. Now, if he can keep dodging the flying carp and stay on the right side of the law. Story and photographs by Tim Trudell.
    • Visitors to Swanson Reservoir and Harlan County Lake have a blast fishing and boating, but the history of these places is less lighthearted. Tragic floods led to the creation of reservoirs. Lakeside communities remember history while celebrating the present. Story by Alan J. Bartels.
    • High-kicking showgirls and hotheaded cowboys entertain at Ogallala’s Front Street Crystal Palace Revue seven summer nights a week. Jam-packed action, Western tunes and comic improvisation keep the state’s longest-running summer stock theater fresh. Yee-haw. Story by Alan J. Bartels.
    • Watermelon recipes add wow to summer. Chef Ian Nauslar’s original creations zing with fresh juicy flavor.
  7. May/June 2022 NL
    • Nebraska Rocks: Geological formations that defy physics, abundant blooms, fearsome ancient mammals, desperate pioneers and Indigenous peoples – the history of Western Nebraska is as dramatic as its landscape.
    • A relative of Mari Sandoz, self-taught Sandhills artist Rachel Brownlee’s charcoal pencil drawings painstakingly depict the “living West” – and she says it’s not just her hands guiding the creation.
    • Patricia “Big Mama” Barron served soul food and second chances at her North Omaha restaurant Big Mama’s Kitchen. Her family dishes up more of the same at a new North 30th Street location.
    • Meatballs and lutefisk fly as Stromsburg and Oakland vie for the distinction of being Nebraska’s Swedish capital. Could it be there’s room for two?
    • From Norfolk to Valentine, Becky McCarville takes on goathead thorns and extreme heat to conquer the 195-mile rails-to-trail bikepacking journey with her sister on the Cowboy Trail. Their Nebraska adventures are just beginning.
    • From ranging bison to aeronautical history, unique and distinctly Nebraska golf courses across the state are worth the drive. Whether players are wearing golf pants or cowboy hats, they’re all chasing the hole-in-one fun of the golf life.
    • Easy-to-assemble no-bake desserts add a heartwarming touch to the end of any meal while keeping the kitchen cool.
  8. March/April 2022 NL
    • Nature photographer Roy Swoboda shares remarkable Nebraska images from across the state and talks about how he started photography as a kid in Madison County. Story by Megan Feeney, photographs by Roy Swoboda.
    • Championing gentler horse training in the Panhandle, horseman, artist and teacher Bern Miller is a modern-day Renaissance man who’s attracted a loyal following. Story and photographs by Joe Arterburn.
    • Family-owned Bluebird Nursery in Clarkson grows wild and beautiful plants and provides job opportunities for people living in this Czech community. Story by Megan Feeney, photographs by Brooke Steffen-Kleinschmit.
    • Lofte Theatre: The Born-in-a-Barn Players at this rural Manley destination bring the magic of theater to life and nurture community ties across geographical and generational divides. Story by Megan Feeney.
    • Arbor Day, a tree-planting holiday, began in Nebraska City in 1872. Today, it’s celebrated worldwide. It started as the vision of Sterling Morton who sought to transform the mostly treeless prairies. Story by James J. Kimble.
  9. Nebraska Traveler 2022 NL
    Explore Nebraska with this colorful and useful guide from the travel experts at Nebraska Life. Includes Nebraska’s historic sites, state parks, scenic byways and helpful information about our community attractions, dining, lodging and events.
  10. January/February 2022 NL
    • South Omaha Mural Project. Artists and community members work together to depict the rich history and culture of this thriving neighborhood. Story by Megan Feeney.
    • Ice Photo Essay. Photographers from across Nebraska contribute their coolest shots to this photo essay that reflects on our state’s natural wonders and the lessons we can learn.
    • Hartington Veterinarians. Erin and Ben Schroeder treat injured and sick animals, renovate historic buildings and star in a National Geographic Wild reality show that broadcasts the town of Hartington into homes around the world. Story by Megan Feeney, Photographs by Brooke Steffen-Kleinschimt.
    • Charles Henry Morrill. Morrill Hall: University of Nebraska State Museum has many natural history wonders thanks to the man whose love for archaeology and commitment to fund digs in Nebraska kept them here. Story by Tim Trudell.
    • 13 Architectural Curiosities. Nebraskans have built structures to protect and provide for their people, honor their history and elevate beauty in their communities – and they’ve used creative methods to get it done. Story by Megan Feeney.
    • Winter Reading. Cozy up with new books featuring Nebraska connections, including a thriller set in the Sandhills, a collection of medical nonfiction mysteries by an Omaha doctor and new poetry from Ted Kooser and Marjorie Saiser. Story by Megan Feeney.
    • Kitchens. Whether you’re on team cinnamon roll or team cornbread, chili combined with an oven-baked treat warms up winter days. By Danelle McCollum.
  11. November/December 2021 NL
    • Omaha Winter Getaways. Luxury hotels and a historic bed and breakfast are ready to host travelers on winter getaways to Nebraska’s ‘Big O.’ Story by Jennifer Troester.
    • Kearney. Born along pioneer trails and iron rails, Kearney remains a crossroads where community-minded residents and business leaders work together. Story and photographs by Alan J. Bartels.
    • Alliance Greenhouse. Inventive farmer Russ Finch harvests lemons and oranges in his greenhouse in winter. Story by Sheryl Schmeckpeper. Photographs by Alan J. Bartels.
    • Bess Streeter Aldrich. Elmwood welcomed this newcomer who fell in love with the town and its people and immortalized them in her novels. Story and photographs by Alan J. Bartels.
    • My 10 Favorite Nebraska Birding Spots. The late Dr. Paul Johnsgard depended on travel, luck and advice for birding opportunities at his favorite locations.
    • Nebraska Kitchens. Enjoy a trio of brownies from The Chocolate Season in Lincoln.
  12. September/October 2021 NL
    • Halsey Trail Ride. Horse lovers gather for their annual reunion among the pines in the Nebraska National Forest. Story and photos by Alan J. Bartels.
    • Offut Lab. Modern day heroes work to identify Americans lost during war. Story by Sarah Woodman Kansteiner.
    • DeGroot’s Orchard. Drivers detour for roadside produce from Madison’s five-generation DeGroot family. Story by Nina Buck.
    • Fort Calhoun Meat Market. Artisan butcher uses traditional techniques to “cure” homesickness near Omaha. Story by Jackie Fox. Photos by Kenzie Hunter Hokanson.
    • Erik Johnson. Lincoln resident explores Nebraska with camera in hand seeking out stunning images on the edge of day and night. Story by Alan J. Bartels. Photos by Erik Johnson.
    • Straight Arrow Bison Ranch. Bison return to their historic range in Custer County. Story and photos by Alan J. Bartels.
    • Wahoo’s Famous Sons. Saunders County is blessed with more than its fair share of notable Nebraskans. Story by Alan J. Bartels.
    • Nebraska Kitchens. A bushel of apple recipes sweeten autumn in Nebraska. Recipes by the DeGroot family. Photos by Chris Amundson.
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