November/December 2022 NL

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  • Ole’s Big Game Steakhouse & Lounge Rosser “Ole” Herstedt opened a bar shortly after Prohibition ended. He filled it with big game trophies he claimed from his hunting adventures. Today, the bar draws curious customers hungry for Nebraska beef and stories of a long-gone-by era. by Tom Hess.
  • Cornhusker Photo Essay One thing’s for sure: whether the team wins or loses, Husker fans will keep showing up and rooting for a better tomorrow. Go Big Red! Story by Megan Feeney. Photographs by Aaron Beckman and Jeremy Buss.
  • Nebraska Stocking Stuffers. This Christmas season, don’t all the good girls and boys in your life deserve Nebraska gifts from this nice list? From sweet-and-sour elderberry syrup to a tangy cheese dip, these Nebraska goodies will make anyone’s stocking a delicious discovery. Story by Megan Feeney.
  • Silver Anniversary In this final installment of Nebraska Life’s celebration of 25 years in print, we highlight the work of Boys Town, Crane Trust and Orphan Grain Train. Story by Megan Feeney.
  • Stuffing is the quintessential comfort food, and Nebraska Life’s friend, food blogger Danelle McCollum, has it covered … in a casserole dish and heading to a family event.