May/June 2021 NL

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  • Chimney Rock. Father and child memories pass to a new generation at Nebraska landmark. Story and photos by Derrald Farnsworth-Livingston.
  • County Courthouses. Architecture, history and the culture of Nebraska’s people are preserved at the seat of county government. Story by Alan J. Bartels.
  • Omaha Mounted Police. Equines and their two-legged partners patrol Omaha streets while trotting into the hearts of residents. Story by Alan J. Bartels.
  • Lincoln Foraging. Wild edibles found and harvested in Near South Neighborhood. Story and photos by Sarah Woodman Kansteiner.
  • Found Underground. Fossil attractions rise to the surface and allow visitors to step into Nebraska’s ancient past. Story by Tom Hess.
  • 100 Years at Chadron State Park. Nebraska’s first state park doesn’t look a day over 99. Story by Alan J. Bartels.
  • Bob Gibson. Omaha pitcher created homerun memories on and off the field. Story by Varro “Jack” Clarke.
  • Nebraska Kitchens. This trio of tasty potato salad recipes proves there is more than one way to skin a tater.