July/August 2020 NL

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  • Cattle and the people who raise them are constants on the Nebraska landscape. These herds and herdsmen solidify Nebraska's status as the “Beef State.”Story by Alan J. Bartels.
  • While cowboys are the real deal in Nebraska our state has produced its fair share of silver screen Western actors. Nebraska's Magnificent Seven takes center stage in this issue. Story by Alan J. Bartels
  • Sandhills Journey. Nebraska's 20000-square-mile natural sandbox is a scenic escape for outdoor adventurers looking to get a little sand between their toes. Story by Alan J. Bartels.
  • Once having made a hasty escape from Cozad the Nebraska town named for his father Robert Henri set the art world on its head. Story by Tom Hess.
  • Carefree summer days bloom at Simpler Thymes Flower Farm in Norfolk. Story by Nina Buck.
  • Beef recipes have hungry readers “moo-ving” toward the grill.