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5 Husker Hangouts in Lincoln

In Lincoln, you'll find that Husker hangouts are just a "Go Bid Red" shout away. If you've got the good fortune to be in Lincoln on game day, but don't have a ticket into Memorial Stadium, here are our 5 favorite capital city spots to hangout and take part in some good ol' fashioned team spirit.

Diller’s Granddaddy-of-All Picnics

When the 300 villagers of Diller decided to have a community picnic in 1897, they had the remarkable forethought to set up a paid dining hall for party crashers. Over a century later, the Diller Picnic draws a crowd fit for a county fair, and Diller's citizens crank out enough grub to satisfy nearly 8,000 hungry visitors a day.

Town Story: Kearney

Even in the dead of a prairie winter, it’s still warm and toasty in one of Nebraska’s liveliest cities. Kearney, Nebraska is all about offering warm welcomes, bridging gaps, and making dreams come true.

Winding Down on the Snake River

Below Cherry County's Merritt Dam slithers the sinuous Snake River. Hiding sacred land and secret hideouts alike, there is no telling what other twists and turns await us on Snake River.

Publisher's Letter March/April 2013

Our publisher, Chris Amundson, takes a moment to reflect on what makes Nebraska's "Good Life" even better than advertised.

Steinauer Convent Breakfast

Come and get a blessed breakfast! This Steinauer convent is now a baking haven.

Omaha Antiques

A century of journeys found in Omaha's Back In The Day antiques shop.

Clouds Roll In - Photojournal

Every day, nature creates one-of-a-kind sculptures to decorate our skies. Take a moment to appreciate these cloudy beauties we caught hovering over Nebraska.

Ogallaly, Queen of the Cow Towns

For a brief, exciting decadein the history of the west, the tiny town of Ogallala was the Mecca for the trail herds of longhorn cattle, “choused” out of the Texas brush country and pointed north on the long drives. And by the time the glory days of the cattle drives had passed, Ogallala had more than earned her reputation as Nebraska’s “Cowboy Capital” and the “Gomorrah of the Plains.”

Nebraskan Director Alexander Payne

Omaha native Alexander Payne is known for his quirky, dark, and humorous directing style, as seen in About Schmidt, Sideways and The Descendants.

Winter Soup Recipes & Nebraska Kitchens Cookbook Vol. 3

Warm up with these special winter soup recipes, then get ready to get cooking with our Nebraska Kitchens Cookbook, Vol. 3

Santee's Mesozoic Mystery

The Santee Nation's sandy hills hide much more than human history in their depths, as discovered by fossil hunters Shane Tucker, Mike Voorhies, and George Corner.
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